fräch - Textilien


Made of renewable raw materials, wool felt preserves the environment and appeals directly to the senses. This unique natural material is pleasant to touch and is a good insulator, keeping warmth in and cold out. Its soundproofing qualities make it the right choice for living and work spaces. It is also anti-static, wear-resistant and washable.

The carpets, room- dividers, cushions and AKUSTIK- elements of fräch - Design und Kunst are all made in Hamburg. Our design spectrum ranges from the plain and clear to the irregular and organic. Our cushions can be decorated with individual motifs that make each object a unique work of art.

We also offer wool felt in low-key, natural hues or in bright colors for your own production needs.

fräch - Design und Kunst offers advice and suggestions for your living and work spaces, providing sketches and concepts that will help create a more pleasant living and work climate. All carpets, room particiants and accoustic elements are custom made and can be ordered from me.



Wool and needle felting have experienced rapid growth in recent years and have conquered many markets. Although more and more sophisticated plastics are being developed all the time they have been unable to displace felt because of its excellent and versatile properties.

There is no limit to the functions that felt is able to fulfil! Thus felt products can now be found in almost all sectors, leaving hardly any areas in our everyday life where they do not serve us well.

The characteristics of felt are:
...insulates against heat and cold
...absorbs and emits liquids
...dampens vibrations
...absorbs sound
...stores warmth
...protects from soiling


The design felt I use is a high-class natural product out of 100% finest new wool. Minor changes and slight inclusions of natural fibre on the surface are an evidence of 100% natural origin of the matrial.

The material is hydrophobic equipped and anticipates the enduring fixing of liquidity. Should the material be soild nevertheless, it could be easily cleaned up with soapsuds. Do not use a washingmaschine for cleaning, the felting process will go on and the wool continuing being milled. In case of significant soiling we recommend dry-cleaning.